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Finish Carpentry

Whether you are looking for a custom-made bookcase or cabinets that will stand out from the crowd as well as stand the test of time, then you need to call us today.

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Deck Construction

A wooden deck in your backyard can add a whole new dimension to your home that will both enhance its value and leave you and your loved ones with ample opportunities to enjoy food, drinks and all the fresh air in the world no matter what time of year it is.

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Interior Trim and Molding

Interior Trim and Molding is often described as the type of carpentry that ties a structure or piece of furniture together. If the last mile of a marathon is the most difficult, then the same logic applies to carpentry as putting the finishing touches to a window frame, front door or baseboard trim can often take the longest amount of time.

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Steel And Wood Framing

Castleberry Carpentry specializes in wood and steel framing for both residential and commercial construction. With a proven track record for completing projects of any size on time and on budget, our skilled and qualified craftsmen offer a complete line of services that includes designing detailed project specifications, work scheduling and complete project management.

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